The person I chose to follow on Twitter is the website/TV show TMZ. The company is the “go to” website when it comes to celebrity gossip, breaking news, and sometimes, actual news. They have dozens of people that tweet on their behalf. They send out tweets every couple of minutes and at all times of the day. Unfortunately, most of the information that they tweet out is not interesting or important. For example, they have a story about Julie Chen (The View) doing a Barbara Walter’s impression, and a story about Bruce Jenner at the airport ready to fly to his step-daughter Kim Kardashian’s wedding. The website is known to stir up controversy among, not only celebrities, but with regular people too, by allowing users to make comments under the stories.

I think TMZ uses Twitter effectively. They send out stories, that sometimes have inside information or are exclusives, out to their fans in a timely manner. They always seem to have the jump over other news stations. For example, when Michael Jackson died and when Paul Walker died, TMZ was the first person to announce it via Twitter/ and their website. The one thing I think they could change is some of their inappropriate and misleading headlines. They have also been known to have stories that bully people about their weight or looks. That is another thing they need to change.