The Change.org petition I chose “Close Surabaya Zoo”. The zoo is one of the biggest in Southeast Asia and is the home to over 350 species. According to the site, “the zoo has fallen into disrepute over the last few years with widespread allegations of mistreatment, corruption, and uncontrolled breeding. (Buchanan, 2014). As a huge animal lover this petition is very important to me. It currently has 357,025 supporters and the number keeps growing.

The zoo petition also has a Facebook page that links to change dot org and Twitter. The page has 5850 likes. The page allows social media users to talk about issues at the zoo and share any more information they have about the animal abuse taking place.

Social Media has helped bring the issue to hundreds of thousands of people. For example, Peta recently became involved thanks to social media. Peta also started a petition too close to the zoo and have nearly 80,000 supporters who all wrote to the Indonesian government.

if it weren’t for social media none of us would be able to share this cause on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google +. We would have no way to gather with a large populous to discuss this issue. I hope that because the word is out about how bad this zoo is, that they decide to shut it down.


Buchanan, Trevor. Close Surabaya Zoo. Change.org, 2014. Web. 25 May. 2014. Retrieved from: change.org/petitions/dr-susilo